360TechGroup is of the most respected and recognized Managed IT Services & Solutions firms in South Florida

For over a decade, 360TechGroup has been dedicated to helping organizations become more productive, secure, knowledgeable, profitable, and competitive. We work with leading technology manufacturers and vendors to have the ability to offer you the best technology that will fit your company’s unique needs. We collaborate closely with our clients to truly understand their business and goals. At 360TechGroup, we offer our clients 360 degrees of technology solutions and services for their business.

We are an IT Services & Solutions company that is not just another IT vendor, but a true partner that is always there when you need us. We are a small, locally-owned business that is invested in our employees, our community, and other small businesses whom we strive to improve with our services.

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The backbone of our business is IT, as we started as an IT Managed Network Services (MNS) company that only focused on offering clients outsourced IT Managed Services. Quickly we recognized that when you partner with a company and become their outsourced IT, you often become who they turn to for expertise in all areas of technology for their business.

Having an extensive background in the South Florida copier industry, made it easy for us to add Sharp to our product offerings. We became South Florida’s authorized Full Line, locally owned Sharp Dealer back at the beginning of 2016 and this is when we started Copytech360. We also, saw that cabling and electrical solutions and services were a growing need for our clients and that’s when WireBeast was born.  There was a huge opportunity to offer not just IT, but “end-to-end” technology solutions and services. That’s where the idea of 360 degrees of technology came in.

Today, 360TechGroup has been in business for more than 10 years, with steady continued growth. We currently have 3 expert divisions 360TechGroup, CopyTech360, and WireBeast, which together cover every area of technology for your business!

We understand that our wonderful team is what makes 360TechGroup great! We’re fortunate to have an excellent team of experts, with extensive knowledge in all areas of business technology. We strive to not just be another partner for our clients but to really become an extension to their business and understand the importance of great customer service. Because of this, we only hire passionate team members that are the best in the industry. We treat our employees like family and are constantly putting effort in investing and developing in their growth- so that we can collectively help your business grow, too.